Make a virus to make the PC freezed utilizing Batch Programming

Presently i’m going to offer you simple and just 1 line Batch code to Make virus. Exceptional concerning this infection is that easy to recall the code. accordingly it’ll be useful to use in school or school.

This is for beginner. This virus is destructive for processor. so utilize alert. Try not to run this in your PC or friend PC.

Open a notepad.

duplicate this code to notepad:


Save the document with .bat extension

That is all once your victim clicked this file,the C.P.U will be over-loaded.

Try not to stress it’ll be come back to typical operation once restarting.

In case you’re doing this in your school or college,you can attempt this:

copy this bat document to any drive.

make easy route to desktop(by right click and sent to desktop).

as of now go to desktop and right click on the shortcut.

pick Properties.

Tap the change icon.

pick any symbol which can draw in clients.

what’s more, click on OK.

Screen shots for reference:

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